Do you want to view the posts of a private Instagram profile but you don’t want to follow them? Usually you have to follow the Instagram user first before you can actually view his/her contents specially if the account is a private account. But today, we will teach you how you can remove that burden and easily view the private account without following them first. Here’s how:

Easily view the private accounts contents without following the user first, because you don’t want to annouce to him that you follow him/her because for whatever reason you got that’s up to. So, here’s how to accomplish this.


  • Simply go to our app Profile Viewer Tool.
  • Enter the private Instagram account you want to view contents from.
  • Click on the button below to check the account.
  • Click continue when done.
  • Wait for a few minutes like 2 minutes for the process.
  • If successful you should now be able to view the contents of that account like this image below:
  • You may need to verify that you are human to make the process a success.
  • No need to download any kind of software.

Final Thoughts:

And that’s how you can view the contents of a private Instagram account without following them first. You see there’s a sneaky trick in every problem when it comes with coding. There are always that genius guy that actually bypass things and remove restrictions on systems without notifying the admin. That is exactly what we are doing.

Powerful features SocialPrivateViewer offer to users

Here’s a list of features that only SocialPrivateViewer has which makes us the leading website in in comes to viewing private Instagram accounts.

  • 100% EFFECTIVE
  • No software and No coding skills required
  • Very user-friendly GUI even kids can use it.
  • 24/7 Support
  • Over 100,000 of Successful campaigns in 7 days

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