Private Instagram Account Viewer Tool

To get started simply enter the username of the victim to start viewing their private account.

Start by clicking the button below.

Step by Step Guide:

Did you know that you can easily view private instagram accounts by just doing these following simple steps?

Step 1

Find the victims profile username. Which you can find by going to the account example: in which johnson88 is the username.

Step 2

Paste the username above and click “Reveal Account” wait a few minutes for the account to process. Usually it will only take 2-3 minutes.

Step 3

After that the victims profile content should be viewable. You can browse them one by one or you can download them all via a zip file.


Here are the top 6 questions most of our first time users asked our team. Instead of replying to them one by one we have compiled them here.

Is it necessary to verify the account?

Its not necessary to our the account searcher but it will give you better success rate since when using the account searcher tool you are making sure that the account is an valid instagram account that is existing!

How long to get the result?

You everything went well. That includes your internet connection. You will instanty see the private account whole content such as the picture and videos. Otherwise, if you see an error then simply try again. Most of the time it will fix the error.

It this really FREE?

As we indicated on our homepage we have come to a decision of briefly make this service for FREE. Yes, use it unlimited for FREE for up to 6 months or until we turn on that payment button.

How does it work?

Man, this is an online based platform. As long as you can use internet with your device wether is a phone PC, iphone, macbook, tablet will always work!

How to download all the files?

When you are showed with the result you will see buttons on each picture or video below a download button. Or You can also download them all at once using the “Download All” button which you will get as a zip file.