No more private Instagram Accounts

Instagram has a population of more than 1 Billion users and there are approximately 350 million accounts that are private! Now, that’s a bunch of accounts that are private and only of those they allow to follow them can view their posted contents. Well, not anymore. We at has found a way to unlock private Instagram accounts without the need to follow them and wait for them to accept your follow request.

With you can just enter the Instagram account username and click a button to start viewing his/her private account contents. How convenient is that? The fact that you won’t need to follow the private account is just pretty awesome. Me myself has been rejected many times when I try to follow a Private Account and I waited for weeks and to my dismay he still did not accepted my follow request.

This method will save your a## from humiliation such as that. So what are you waiting for? Start viewing private instagram accounts using today. Take note this tool is 100% FREE. Yup that’s right we ask nothing in return. That’s pure way to help users.

SocialPrivateViewer Features:

Here are top feature of SocialPrivateViewer tool that boast tremendous popularity among Instagram Stalkers.

100% Free GuaranteeD

No hidden fees to pay. Absolutely free! for now. Since we are on beta stage we have decided to make the tool free for 6 months. After that you will be charge a small fee for each account.

Safe and Secured

Safe and legal. It is not illegal to view private instagarm accounts. Since you are not invading their privacy. Only when you wanted to hack the account now that is illegal.


24/7 Support

Feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions, clarifications and suggestions. Feature request or anything that comes to your mind. We are here to help.


Quick Response Time

When you entered the username of your targets profile. You will be promptly displayed with the accounts private contents without fuss. Easily view them one by one or even download them.

You Are Protected

Our servers are equipped with multiple layers or firewall. Rest assured that no one will know you are browsing the private instagram account. Make sure that no one is behind your back though.


View/Download Private Contents

When displayed with results you will have the options of either just view them online or download them for later checking. Please note that when you view online you only have limited time to view it.

More than 100,000 Private Instagram Accounts Revealed

more than 200,000 accounts unlocked!

Total Private Accounts Viewed

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99% Uptime

99% Uptime guaranteed with very minimal errors! It error persists try again.

You are secured

No one will know not even Instagram will know that you are viewing a private instagram account.

Options to download

You have 2 options to download either one at a time or download them all at once via zip file!

Instant Results

Easily open our tool and enter your targets account and viola. You will almost instantly view his/her private contents without following him/her.

Recent Blog Posts

Read our recent publications regarding the use of our tool. Here’s are some easy tips and tricks that will come handy to you.

how-to-view-private-instagram-accounts exist only for the sole reason of letting the users view the private Instagram accounts’ contents such as the photos and videos he/she posted.

Do you want to view the posts of a private Instagram profile but you don’t want to follow them? Usually you have to follow the Instagram user first before you can actually view his/her

I am pretty sure that most of the instagram stalkers out there wanted to view the victims account instagram stories but they do not want to let them know the they have viewed his/her story.

Instant Results

Get Results in Seconds

With you can enter the victims instagram username and click the search account and you will instantly see the pictures and videos of that account right away.

No need to use any kind of software just to view private instagram accounts. This is the only instagram private account viewer you will need as it has all the feature a good private viewer will have.

Works and Updated

100% Working!

Searching for a private instagram viewer that works? Stop right there because you already here! The is the most effective private instagram account viewer you will need.

You can now view private instagram accounts including the victims photos and videos without following them some of users are searching for a instagram private viewer that has no verification unfortunately in order for us to verify that you are human you will need to verify it.

What Our satisfied users says:

Here are just some of our users honest testimonials. Remember that we have 53,000 beta users right before we gone public. Now, we have almost a million of them.

Anna Britson

beta user

I never thought theres a real instagram private account viewer out there until i tried

Roger Reyes

beta user

This tools makes everything easy with instagram. Now, i do not need to follow someones account just to view his / her profile contesnts…

Nana Richardson

beta user

My stalking ability just got leveled up! Thanks for

Alice Ricket

beta user

This is a life saver. Now, i do not need to follow my crushes account just to stalk on him on instagram. LOL